Our global air freight network of hubs and sub-hubs is reliable and efficient, combined with our carefully selected overseas agents, we ensure prompt clearance and scheduled Door-to-Door delivery in selected countries, and Door to AirportDoor to Depot delivery services of personal effects.
You can either drop the goods yourself into any of our drop-off depots closer to you, or arrange for a separate company to drop them off for you at a cost. For instance, in the UK we have dedicated drop off depots in all cities and towns. However, please note that if you are delivering to any depot yourself a booking must be made in advance so that the Air Waybill can be issued.
Depots will not accept your shipment without the relevant paperwork and booking reference. This comprehensive service is backed by the expertise of our local teams, who apply their up-to-the-minute insights on local conditions to reduce any risk of delays.

Air Freight Services

Dangerous & Hazardous, Prohibited Goods

Please note that it is your responsibility, as the sender, to ensure the contents of your consignment meet the criteria spelt out by CAA for air shipment. It is important to remember, you are the only person who knows what is inside your shipment. By accepting the parcel, neither Acme Shipping nor the courier acknowledges the contents are acceptable for shipment. • Hazardous Items will not be accepted on to any of our services. • Prohibited items will not be accepted on to any of our services. We recommend you please refer to CAA Examples of Hazardous Goods website as well as be aware of destination country restrictions on goods as different countries have different policies as because we shall not be responsible should your consignment be damaged, confiscated and or penalty imposed.